Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim

This was my first novel and supposed to be my only novel, but I found I liked writing so much that I continued. A popular summer read.

Based on true events, when a rough trapper meets a stuffy Englishwoman.

Settling the Wind

Definitely, one of my most popular. Based on true events, the story is, also, partially about my grandmother, though she lived during a later age.

Sparks fly when recent widow Henrietta buys a cabin in the Colorado frontier, frightening her relatives into sending her nemesis Collan to watch over her.

Catching Currents

I believe this is my most endearing novel. The story is based on true events as well as my other grandmother, though she lived during a later time period. I think my grandmother would have gotten a kick out of this novel.

When Sally’s
stifling life in Boston takes a dramatic turn, she lands in the rollicking West, ready for adventure. Lucky for her, she meets Teddie, a rancher who thinks nothing of disregarding a few social mores.

The Arrival of Richard III

“Entertaining, original, exceptionally well written, “The Arrival of Richard III” very nicely showcases author Kari August’s impressive storytelling talents. Certain to be an enduringly popular . . .” Midwest Book Review

I think the above review says it all. Based on true events, with a twist.

An Unusual Tale of the King’s Time and Travels

Richard III and Clarence

This novel has the dubious distinction of being my least appreciated book, though I love it. One of the lead characters is so outrageous, I had great fun writing about him.

“Loyalty binds me” is a motto King Richard III believes in fully. He has always remained devoted to his close friends and relations, yet they are causing him nothing but trouble.

The Defiant Duchess

I find this book my most humorous. I remember laughing so much while writing it.

Duchess Margaret would like to build her reputation as a famous ruler. If along the way, she can experience some genuine romance, something her tyrant of a husband could never provide, all the better. Or so she assumes until she meets Charlie, the most exasperating of men.

The Cabin at Jackson Hole

Another popular book. Based on true events, and a bit of my great uncle.

An engaging love story.

The Buffalo Cabin

An Award Winner.

A Frontier Saga

The Cabin of the Tetons

My latest novel. A special tale.