The Defiant Duchess

Duchess Margaret would like to build her reputation as a famous ruler. If along the way, she can experience some genuine romance, something her tyrant of a husband could never provide, all the better. Or so she assumes until she meets Charlie, the most exasperating of men.

Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim


In 1873, James Nugent, better known as Rocky Mountain Jim, is a hunter and trapper in Estes Park, a settlement just forming in the Colorado Territory. Scarred not only physically from a vicious grizzly bear attack, but emotionally from previous war experiences, he now lives alone in his cabin. When strong-willed Englishwoman Isabella Bird visits Estes Park and Jim acts as her guide in an ascent up treacherous Longs Peak Mountain, an unlikely but undeniable attraction forms between the two. Complicating Jim’s life further is wealthy Lord Dunraven, who schemes to take over the region and turn it into his own private game preserve. Jim struggles to keep Estes Park safe from greedy self-interest while he fights for a relationship with Isabella. Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim recounts the compelling relationship between Jim and Isabella, told amidst a rugged, stunning landscape and a frontier just beginning to learn its potential.

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The Arrival of Richard III: An Unusual Tale of the King’s Time and Travels

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“Entertaining, original, exceptionally well written, “The Arrival of Richard III” very nicely showcases author Kari August’s impressive storytelling talents. Certain to be an enduringly popular . . .” Midwest Book Review

What would you ask for if God owed you a favor? King Richard III chooses to travel to the twenty-first century to repair his reputation. After more than five hundred years of Tudor-inspired propaganda, Richard’s name is in tatters. Reviled for crimes he never committed, he has his work cut out for him. He needs help, and decides his distant cousin Ned York is just the person to assist him.
But mild-mannered Ned has problems of his own. Recently fired from his prestigious law firm due to a mistake by his ex-girlfriend, Ned is trying to figure out what to do with his life. The last thing he needs is some cousin he’s never met, with a wacky story to tell, arriving at his doorstep in Colorado. Nevertheless, Ned finds he is unable to resist Richard’s plea for support and begins an adventure that turns his life even more upside down . . . while discovering Lindsey, the love of his life.
If only Lindsey can get around the fact that she thinks Ned is a little kooky. After all, Ned has now become convinced that Richard is actually the real king come back to life.

The Arrival of Richard III is a romping tale through the centuries, in which medieval and modern man comically clash.

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Richard III and Clarence: Another Twisted Tale of the King’s Travels

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“Loyalty binds me” is a motto King Richard III believes in fully. He has always remained devoted to his close friends and relations, yet they are causing him nothing but trouble.
His disruptive brother George is estranged from the family while Cousin Clarence is unhappy, despite having everything the world could offer. And Cody, well, he just mopes, disenchanted with love and life in general.
But Richard is determined to solve all these issues and sets out on an adventurous quest, finding solutions in the most unexpected of places.
Amusing and quirky, fans of merriment are sure to be delighted with Kari August’s next installment of Richard III’s escapades.

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Sparks fly when recent widow Henrietta buys a cabin in the Colorado frontier, frightening her relatives into sending her nemesis Collan to watch over her.
When Sally’s
stifling life in Boston takes a dramatic turn, she lands in the rollicking West, ready for adventure. Lucky for her, she meets Teddie, a rancher who thinks nothing of disregarding a few social mores.